Wolves Without Teeth EP

by The Music Room

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All sales of this EP are directly donated to the justice-seeking efforts of Courage Worldwide, an organization that builds homes to rehabilitate and restore the lives of young women rescued from sex-trafficking.



released February 26, 2013

Recorded at Stickhouse Studios in Meadow Vista, CA by Brian Steckler. Produced by Brian Steckler and The Music Room.

Lyrics written by Dane Johnson
Music written by The Music Room

Aimee Bellanca - vocals, guitar
Dane Johnson - vocals, guitar, drums, percussion
Kyle Booterbaugh - mandolin
Brian Steckler - piano, banjutar, whistles, production

The Music Room is the sibling duo of Aimee Bellanca and Dane Johnson.

Stickhouse Studios/Brian Steckler

Album Wolf by Caitlin Burke

Album Lettering by Kindred



all rights reserved


The Music Room Sacramento, California

Led by the clear conviction in Aimee Bellanca's voice, and buffeted by her brother Dane Johnson, The Music Room sings stories about overcoming battles with demons and delusions, resisting the lull of complacency, and fighting to bury doubt before too much life is wasted in fearful living. ... more

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Track Name: The Next Morning
I will keep my head high
even when my cup’s dry
I’m banking on a clear night
We can part our ways now
even with the sun down
I’m waiting for the next rise

Another choice
is one more mistake I’ve made
but it’s the cost
it’s the price I always pay

I will keep my head high even when my cup’s dry
I’m banking on a clear night

Don’t say goodbye, I don’t want to sleep
When I’m feeling dry, you always leave
I wish that you could fill me up
fill my cup with what I need
You know my soul is a desert
I hope you never ever get here

I will hold my heart high
even in the dark night
I know somewhere there’s sunrise.
Track Name: Wolves Without Teeth
stormy clouds form overhead
rain will fall without regret
and your cold feet might get wet
don't hide inside your home

you gaze out from the window pane
a sigh to greet the howling wind
unlock the door that keeps you in
go soar above the world

you may fall, but you just as well may fly
the greater loss is to never even try
the life you seek is on the other side
take the leap and come with me tonight

the choice is clear, go make it now
dry your tears and leave the ground
breaking free takes everything
but see what freedom brings

dare to sail the wilder seas
scale the ridge above the trees
take the fake from make-believe
fears are wolves without their teeth

fears are wolves without their teeth
Track Name: Pack Your Bags
you say you want to leave this town
then why aren't you gone yet?
it's not that hard to put things down
and go walk yourself away

pack your bags up, pack your bags up and go, go away
pack your bags up, pack your bags up and go, leave this place

I've been alone for forty days
I still don't have a clue
it's not that I forgot it all
it's more like, what am I supposed to do?

I saw your ghost in some drink I drank
I thought you had disappeared
we said goodbye
we cried some tears
then why am I crying still?

with you I'm going to walk away
I pack my bags, pack my bags up
Track Name: Triumph Song
a crooked path for my feet
and you'll find blood on my hands
eyes that can't see how I fit in your plans
to turn the world on its head
everyone's singing, but I'm grieving instead.
oh my love, where have you gone?

I've messed up before
and I'll mess up again.
there's really no point
to try and lie and pretend
that I've got it all figured out
even my dreams
yeah they've been buried by doubts
oh my love, where'd I go wrong?

I'm trading my wrongs for right
even as my day has turned tonight
when all that we share is this fight
will you be on my side?

when hope has all but walked out on my life, again
and I can't walk a straight line
well I'll come running
then start crawling
I'll bring my song to you.

and the battle rages
but our war's been won
there's a life to live when the fighting's done
Track Name: Race to Your Love
history has shown me
life is what you make of your own time
days keep unfolding
while memories are stored away inside

blinded destiny
toward an end eventually
I'll wait for your love, wait for your love
like rivers to the sea, always drawn by gravity
I'll race to your love, race to your love

a path laid out before me
the sun admits surrender to the night
like a pack of wolves in mourning
melodies keep forming in my mind

awake before the dream
ever tells me anything
I'll wait for your love, wait for your love
never sound asleep
I'll keep running 'til I'm free
I'll race to your love, race to your love

fear makes a comfortable bed
and numbs our regrets
we'll wait 'til it's over
pain makes a miserable friend
but holds us in check
we wait 'til it's over
we can't wait until it's over
it's too late when it's over

I'll race to your love, race to your love, race to your love, race to your love
Track Name: Lesser Loves
I know that you are ever for me
I dare to think that you're always there
but I forget the simple story
about a love that really went somewhere

my flesh you know it always fails me
my mind will hold a constant sound
but you have calmed the raging waters
so I have hope that you can calm me down

times I hear the trumpet sounding
rain becomes a flood
your ageless words and hope surround me
I hold onto your love

lesser loves are calling loudly
in the quiet I can hear her shout
it's proven she was never for me
I lived in lies that confirmed her doubts

I recall the place you found me
my heart had come undone
with ageless words and hope surrounding
I held onto your love

I still hold on to your love